Juratek Brake Discs are coated with an 'Anti-Corrosion' Paint

Juratek Brake Discs.

Juratek Brake Discs are manufactured to industry leading standards and routinely inspected for conformity to the original equipment supplied on the vehicle.

With the advent of the alloy wheels all brake discs are coated, on non braking surfaces, with an anti-corrosion paint that maintains that 'new' look and also prevents corrosion from weakening the internal structure of the disc.

Juratek Brake Pads have an 'Initial Performance Strip'.

Juratek Brake Pads.

Juratek Brake Pads are all ECE90 approved which is the minimum standard of braking performance and manufacturing quality across Europe.

All pads come with an 'Initial Performance Strip' which helps braking performance during the running-in period.

Juratek Brake Pad Wear Leads should be replaced on new brake pads.

Juratek Brake Pad Wear Leads.

Juratek produce a wide range of brake pad wear leads. The purpose of the brake pad wear lead is to stop the over wearing of the pad friction material,  it is recommended that brake pad wear leads are replaced at the same time as the brake pads.