Manufactured to OE Standards to increase working life

KYB Coil Springs.

Kayaba Coil Springs are manufactured to OE (Original Equipment) quality standards. During production each coil spring is shot-peened, significantly increasing the useful working life, while the surface preparation and coating are designed to resist corrosion.

1 in 4 cars fitted with KYB Shock Absorbers.

KYB Shock Absorbers.

Kayaba Shock Absorbers are manufactured by one of the world’s leading suppliers of suspension components with  1 in 4 cars leaving the worlds production lines  fitted with KYB as standard. KYB are also the largest OE (Original Equipment) shock absorber supplier in Europe.

Improved road handling

KYB Top Shock Absorber Mounting.

Kayaba Top Suspension Mounting Kits will improve road handling by making steering more precise, easier and smoother, reduce vibrations and save money by increasing shock absorber life.