Upper Cylinder Lubricant increases power and reduces fuel consumption.

Upper Cylinder Lubricant.

Lucas Oil Products Upper Cylinder Lubricant can be used in petrol or diesel engines. Through the blend of lubricating oil and a high quality detergent one 5.25oz bottle can increase power and reduce fuel consumption.

Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer for use in engines and gearboxes.

Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer.

Lucas Oil Products Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer can be used in either engines or gearboxes and is 100% petroleum based. It helps to reduce oil friction which reduces oil consumption and operating temperature. Can be used with synthetic and mineral oils as well as transmission fluids.

Engine Oil Stop Leak can be used with all oil types and grades.

Engine Oil Stop Leak.

Lucas Oil Products Engine Oil Stop Leak stops oil seals from leaking and can be used with all oil types and grades, One quart added to your engine will raise oil pressure while reducing engine noise and oil consumption.

Power Steering Stop Leak Guaranteed

Power Steering Stop Leak.

Lucas Oil Products Power Steering Stop Leak is guaranteed to stop rack seal leaks as well as reducing squeals, slack and hard spots in worn rack and pinions.