Mahle Oil Filters ensure reliable function and engine protection.

Mahle Oil Filters.

Mahle manufactures oil filters for many large vehicle assemblers and engine manufacturers, these filters are identical to the filters supplied by the aftermarket ensuring reliable function and engine protection.

Lubrication of the bearings is critical  in all engines and every engine manufacturer requires that the filter is changed regularly.

Mahle Air Filters prevent premature wear of vital components.

Mahle Air Filters.

Mahle Air Filters capture up to 99.98% of soot, toxic dust and tyre particles, in fact nearly all particles larger than 3 µm, preventing premature wear of engine valves, cylinders, pistons and bearings.

In order for the filters to work to their optimum, it is important that they are replaced at the vehicle assemblers recommended intervals.

Mahle Cabin Filters protect the heating and air conditioning systems.

Mahle Cabin Filters.

Mahle Cabin Filters are designed to filter out dust, pollen and in the case of carbon filters, reduce outdoor odours. The filtration  reduces wear on the blower and protects the heating and air conditioning systems from contamination.

Replacement intervals should be followed using the vehicle assemblers recommendations, but a general rule of thumb is every 12,000 miles or annually.

Mahle Fuel Filters protect the injection system against harmful contaminents.

Mahle Fuel Filters.

Mahle Fuel Filters help deliver the clean fuel that modern day fuel injected engines require. Even with today's sophisticated production and transportation techniques, water and small contaminants can still enter the fuel supply chain, which if not filtered can cause the engine to misfire or even stop.

With the fuel filter being a crucial defence against foreign bodies, all engine manufacturers and vehicle assemblers recommend  replacement at regular intervals.